On the show today, we have Eric Pierce, Director of Strategy and Insights at New Hope Natural Media. We’re talking 2017
trends that are affecting natural products and CPG companies. While this interview may be more geared toward our CPG marketing nerds out there, the macro and cultural shifts Eric covers really apply to anyone with a business model that relies on selling what people eat or drink.

Restaurant marketing nerds, there’s knowledge for you to be gained here too.

Eric and his team are extremely tapped into the industry, and having just released their 2017 Trends and Opportunities Forecast, it was the perfect time to have him on the show. You’ll get to hear about the report in this episode.

2017 food industry trends

If you’re interested in where the industry is headed, new categories of products that are starting to emerge, or are looking for potential areas of opportunity for your brand, you’re going to take a lot away from our interview with Eric.

Listen to Eric’s take on the main 2017 trends shaping the food and beverage industry

In our conversation, Eric dives into the latest trends and how as a marketer you can make the most of what’s going on. Here are just a few topics we touch on in the interview:

What categories within the natural products industry are most rife with opportunity in 2017 and beyond? (Eric and his team’s ability to see and contextualize macro level data puts them in a unique position to catch trends ahead of the 2017 CPG Industry Trendsmarket. I think you’ll enjoy hearing his answer to this question.)

What are the main 2017 trends food and beverage companies should watch out for?  (With their 2017 Trends and Opportunities Forecast hot off the press, Eric shares findings from what he and his team have been working on.)

What are some of the driving forces behind the shifts in consumer taste? (The food industry is changing, and Eric connects the dots between a few trends in technology that may have a correlation to why we demand different food than we did just a decade ago.)

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Books mentioned:

Blue Ocean Strategy
The Dorito Effect by Mike Schatzker
The Third Plate by Dan Barber
The End of Plenty by Joel K. Bourne
Gaining Ground by Forrest Pritchard
The Soil Will Save Us by Kristin Ohlson
The Good Gut by Erica Sonnenburg and Justin L. Sonnenburg
The Hidden Half of Nature by Anne Biklé and David Montgomery
Life’s Engines by Paul Falkowski

Links discussed in the episode:
FMN Interview with Will Shafer of Beyond Meat


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