How do you change the way people view a food they’ve loved their entire lives. It’s not easy, but today’s guest will tell you that with a great product and going beyond traditional food marketing, it is possible.

Will Schafer is the Director of Marketing at Beyond Meat, a company that has been changing the game around plant based protein.

And it’s not just vegetarians and vegans that love their products. Carnivores are embracing their products and for good reason…because they taste exactly like actual meat.

Hear from will about the non-traditional marketing opportunities beyond meat looks for

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In our interview Will talks about how Beyond Meat has been successful in pushing back against conventional norms, especially with their newest product, the Beyond Burger. Even though Beyond Meat has created its own category, their non-traditional food marketing and social media strategies we discuss can be super effective for any food or beverage company launching a new product.

In this episode, Will has answers to these food marketing questions:

  • How can you introduce a product to a new demographic? (Will has a great answer to this, speaking directly from what he’s working on right now!)
  • How can you use social media to promote the underlying mission of your company? (Beyond Meat’s is a big one, but how they do it is totally relatable for the food industry)
  • How can you create demand before actually launching a food product? (Will has such a cool answer to this, and Beyond Meat’s strategy has been super effective)

beyond traditional food marketing podcast

If you’re anything like me, this interview will leave you exploring different aisles at the grocery store when you’re looking for a source of protein. Not only that, but you’ll be exploring different mediums than the traditional food marketing ways of the past.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did recording it.




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