How often do you head to the grocery store and forget to buy something on your shopping list?

It’s frustrating as a consumer, but it’s even more of a nuisance to the brands who sell those products you intended to buy but didn’t. With grocery stores designed to influence how and what shoppers purchase, what’s a company to do to get customers to buy its new products of the shelves?

Just ask today’s guest,

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Have you ever wondered how the biggest brands drive engagement and user generated content?

Well, it’s a strategy that food and beverage companies with even small budgets can implement. Leveraging influencer marketing for brand awareness. While a lot of you have either heard of using influencers or even dabbled in it before, today’s guest will be telling us how Qdoba has been crushing it with super creative influencer strategies to boost their sales.

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Do you ever find yourself at odds with making final decisions within your marketing team?

Everyone at some point can relate to feeling that their idea is THE way to tackle a problem, especially in the food and beverage industry which tends to attract a lot of passionate people. Food marketing leadership has plenty to learn from this interview.

Today’s guest is Maude Manoukian, and she is the CMO of the Forager Project.

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Is launching successful food products on your list of goals?
Well, you’re definitely not alone.

As a matter of fact, there are over 20,000 new food and beverage products launched every year. While that might seem overwhelming, today’s guest, Alan Berkel, will be discussing one of the most important cornerstones that all successful food and beverages companies have in common, operations and effective supply chain management.

On this show with Alan,

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