Have you ever wondered how the biggest brands drive engagement and user generated content?

Well, it’s a strategy that food and beverage companies with even small budgets can implement. Leveraging influencer marketing for brand awareness. While a lot of you have either heard of using influencers or even dabbled in it before, today’s guest will be telling us how Qdoba has been crushing it with super creative influencer strategies to boost their sales.

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Have you ever wondered how companies make sales using brand building social media platforms like Snapchat?

It might be easier than you think.

With Instagram and Snapchat getting all the buzz lately, measuring ROI has been a hot topic of conversation. While both platforms are great for brand awareness or even driving measurable ecommerce sales, it can difficult to gauge it’s effectiveness in bro brick and mortar businesses. But there are food and beverage companies out there driving measurable boosts in revenue and foot traffic.

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