When it comes to the companies who win awards for product innovation, the first thought that comes to mind is probably some hot new startup on the bleeding edge of an emerging trend.

And while that might be true in some cases, B&G Foods is no start up by any stretch of the imagination, and they’ve been reinventing some of the most classic CPG brands in the industry lately,

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Over the past several years, the beef jerky category has been on fire with investments from big money players and major acquisitions, and today, we’re talking with Steele Meisinger, the brand manager for one of the companies that started it all: Krave Jerky.

After being acquired by Hershey in 2015, Krave Jerky has been growing like crazy, and it’s allowed them to do some amazing things in the marketing department.

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I don’t know about you but it feels like every other week, I hear about yet another food company being acquired by an industry beast for 10’s and even 100’s of millions of dollars. It’s encouraging for food entrepreneurs, knowing that many of these grassroots food marketing better bean cocompanies started with good old fashioned, grassroots food marketing. But does that type of approach even work anymore?

Well today’s guest will be the first to say that,

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We’re already cruising into the double digits of episodes here, and today we’re going to be talking about Hummus. Hummus has been around for THOUSANDS of years, and yet, Hope Foods, makers of Hope Hummus, has been reinventing an entire food category as we know it.

On the show today, we’ll be chatting with Will Burger, Director of Marketing for Hope Foods, about how a group of friends went from making hummus in their kitchen at home,

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How do you change the way people view a food they’ve loved their entire lives. It’s not easy, but today’s guest will tell you that with a great product and going beyond traditional food marketing, it is possible.

Will Schafer is the Director of Marketing at Beyond Meat, a company that has been changing the game around plant based protein.

And it’s not just vegetarians and vegans that love their products. 

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What does challenging food industry norms in the CPG industry really take?

Some might say time, or creativity, others might say strategy. The guest in this episode would likely say, “all of the above”. If you’vestubbs barbecue suace scott jensen never heard of Scott Jenson before this, then surely you’ve heard of his first food startup, Stubbs BBQ.

Scott Jensen is a true serial entrepreneur in the food industry.

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“We were lucky to be told early on to take our time, be strategic and make sure that we have the right items in the right stores.”  Lizzie Ackerman on the strategy behind Birch Benders’ success.

Lizzie Ackerman is the COO ofBirch Benders – one of the fastest growing, bootstrapping food startups in Colorado. Having their big launch at Expo West in 2014, Birch Benders went from being in just 20 stores to now over 5000 – quite the increase in distribution in less than two years.

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 “If there’s one I’ve learned about marketing, it’s that everything is experimentation.” – Jake Sablosky

There’s no denying, some products are flat out easier to market than others.

A lot of people see a cool social media campaign and think, “if only I had a product as easy to market as that one” or “people might think my product is boring so how am I supposed make sales on social media?”


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Have you ever wondered how the biggest brands drive engagement and user generated content?

Well, it’s a strategy that food and beverage companies with even small budgets can implement. Leveraging influencer marketing for brand awareness. While a lot of you have either heard of using influencers or even dabbled in it before, today’s guest will be telling us how Qdoba has been crushing it with super creative influencer strategies to boost their sales.

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Have you ever gone to reply to customer on social media and find yourself spending way too long figuring out exactly what to say?
Doing Google searches to check spelling so you can craft that perfect, witty response on Twitter.

Responding in real time and maintaining your brand’s voice is a challenge every company faces, especially when your customer base is enormous. Just ask this week’s guest, Melisa Chung.

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