What does challenging food industry norms in the CPG industry really take?

Some might say time, or creativity, others might say strategy. The guest in this episode would likely say, “all of the above”. If you’vestubbs barbecue suace scott jensen never heard of Scott Jenson before this, then surely you’ve heard of his first food startup, Stubbs BBQ.

Scott Jensen is a true serial entrepreneur in the food industry. Starting out in grade school putting the “buy-low, sell-high” concept to work and never looking back, he has built the number one independent specialty barbecue sauce company in the country, and that’s only just the beginning.

After Stubb’s was acquired by McCormick & Company in 2015, Scott shifted his focus toward a new venture in the same industry and joined Rhythm Superfoods as the CEO. He is also a board member and mentor at SKU, a CPG incubator program in Austin, Texas.

Hear Scott’s advice on what you need to do first as a young CPG brand if you’re out to change the industry.

challenging food industry norms food marketing podcast

Where should you focus your marketing to increase your product sell-through rate in stores? (Scott gives great practical advice from his experience building Stubb’s and now Rhythm Superfoods)

What are the “must-do’s” to be successful as a food-focused CPG company? (Scott’s answer to this is exactly what he tells the companies in his incubator program)

What distribution channels should your food brand be focusing on? (Speaking from experience, his insights cover why CPG distribution strategy can make or break smaller brands)

How often should you be updating your packaging? (If you’re a design focused brand, you’ll love this answer)

Packaging is 99% of what you do to attract attention as a startup. Scott Jensen (@RhythmCEO) Click To Tweet

Learn how Rhythm Superfoods has been challenging food industry norms from day one.

In addition to his role as CEO of Rhythm Superfoods, Scott offers entrepreneurs advice on how to position their companies to take full advantage industry trends. To learn more about his companies, here are the links mentioned in the episode.

challenging food industry norms


Links mentioned in the episode:


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