Is your content marketing moving product for your brand? If you’re like most people, you probably have a blog, a social media presence, and little to no idea of what kind of return your content is delivering. Content marketing for CPG brands is a great way to drive ROI, if you know what to measure and how to strategize.

We took a week off for the holidays but the amount of knowledge today’s guest is about to drop on you will do plenty to make up for lost time.

We’ve got Julie Feickert on the show today, who is the owner of Cultures for Health. Julie is somewhat of accidental food entrepreneur, her words not mine.  Her company has hands down, one of the best content marketing strategies in the natural products industry.

Hear Julie’s Take on doing digital right

content marketing for cpg brands

Julie is a self-taught master of digital marketing and has built her company to 30 people over the past eight years. She has a great story and an awesome line of natural products you can make right at home. She’ll surely teach you a thing, or potentially 10, about content marketing.

On today’s episode with Julie shares plenty of tips on digital and content marketing for CPG brands, including answers to the following questions:

How should you strategize your content marketing around new product launches?

Culture’s for Health recently launched a new line of products, and Julie shares some valuable insights into how they’ve built demand before her products were even available.

What can CPG brands do to increase e-commerce sales?

Speaking directly from experience, Julie shares how she taught herself digital marketing and what has moved the needle the most for Cultures for Health.

What if social media doesn’t seem to be working for my brand?

Spoiler… social media might not be for everyone, and Julie openly shares that despite hearing plenty of success stories, she’s been driving ROI with different forms of content marketing.

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