A commitment to donating profits to charity says a lot about a company. If you’re thinking of implementing a similar program, cpg marketing agencytoday’s guest discusses the benefits and challenges you can expect, especially in regard to CPG marketing.

On the show today, we’ve got Kris Ford, Marketing Director at Deep River Snacks, a company on a mission that makes some delicious, better-for-you chips.

Deep River’s tagline is We Give a Chip™, because they commit 10% of their net profits from each bag of chips sold to support a number of different charities. I love companies like this that use business as a vehicle to make the world a better place, and if you’re considering implementing a similar program, you’ll have plenty to learn from Kris.

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Hear Kris’ take on marketing a CPG brand with a bigger mission

In this episode, you’ll hear answers to the following questions:

How can you effectively set yourself apart from the bigger competitors in your industry?

In every market, there are big players, especially in the chip category. Kris tells how Deep River has found success in going up against the Tostidos and Frito-Lay’s of the world, making a positive impact at the same time.

What challenges come with committing a percentage of profit to charity?

Anyone in CPG marketing, especially when it comes to food products, knows that profit margins can be thin. Yet, businesses like Deep River are still able to commit donations to a number of different charities while still sustaining growth. Kris gives a little insight into how it’s done at her company.

How can you build a social media community around a bigger cause?

Kris tells us why social media in CPG marketing is essential, especially when you’re tied into a bigger mission. Hear a little more about the cool things they’ve done and have in the works to grow their brand.

And plenty more…

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