cpg marketingWe’re changing gears a little bit in today’s episode, and I think you’ll really enjoy it. On the show, we have Barr Hogen, owner of Barr-None Consulting, and we’re talking about developing food products with an approach that sets you up for success.

Barr is a product development consultant with an extensive background in creating healthy, and delicious food and beverage products. In today’s episode, we discuss her expertise in developing food products that appeal to the flavor preferences of specific target demographics.

Before spending nine years at Odwalla creating products they still sell today, Barr helped open one of, if not the first, whole foods restaurants in San Francisco. In other words, Barr was creating nutritious products way before it was trendy.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

What flavor profiles should you focus on if you’re developing food products for millennials vs. baby boomers?

To my surprise, the flavor preferences between generations is vastly different. Whether it’s growing up alongside the internet or millennials’ love of travel, if you’re planning on developing food products targeted at either generation, Barr’s answer will get you one step closer in making sure they’re successful.

How should you approach product development differently if you’re planning to sell mass market?

Another insightful point Barr speaks to – from her experience working with niche start-ups to developing products for Coca Cola-owned Odwalla, how you approach your ingredients and flavor profile will be a big factor in your success in reaching mass market.

What’s something Barr tells every food entrepreneur with a new product idea?

Barr’s answer to this question made me laugh, but her advice is something anyone launching a new food product should absolutely take into consideration.

And plenty more…

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