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Over the past several years, the beef jerky category has been on fire with investments from big money players and major acquisitions, and today, we’re talking with Steele Meisinger, the brand manager for one of the companies that started it all: Krave Jerky.

After being acquired by Hershey in 2015, Krave Jerky has been growing like crazy, and it’s allowed them to do some amazing things in the marketing department. And you’re gonna get to hear about a few of those things from Steele herself.

From social media to TV advertising, field marketing all the way to native advertising on Snapchat to engage a millennial audience, Krave Jerky’s most recent 360º advertising campaign leveraged their Olympic sponsorship in an impressive way. Her experience with FIJI water gave Steele the experience to execute such a well thought out food marketing strategy.

Hear how Krave approaches the concept of sales funnels

On today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • Where do you start when approaching a 360 degree marketing campaign? (Steele speaks from experience as a brand manager during multiple large campaigns, and her advance is super insightful)
  • How do you integrate native advertising into a broader marketing strategy? (Crazy effective in marketing to millennials, Krave executed like a champ in their recent campaign).
  • What is it like working with Michael Phelps as an Olympic sponsor? (Thinking about working with influencers for your brand? Listen to Steele’s experience working with big name athletes like Michael Phelps and Carli Lloyd to hear how it’s done on an international level)
  • And much more…

Listen to Episode 15 on iTunes with Steele Meisenger of Krave Jerky


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