On the podcast today, we’ve got Rich Hope, CMO of one of the fastest growing restaurant brands in the country, Jersey Mike’s.

At over 1,200 locations (and counting), we talk about the catalysts for the growth behind Jersey Mike’s. You’ll get a peak behind the curtains about how they’re adjusting to account for underlying changes in the market.

Jersey Mike’s has nailed it when it comes to serving up a great product, but what might surprise you is how the company has adapted to the advancing tech in restaurant marketing and the industry in general.

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restaurant marketing jersey mikesIf you’ve yet to fully embrace marketing technology, or are wondering how the fastest growing brands do, there are plenty of takeaways in today’s interview.

In this episode, here are a few questions we cover:

In an industry with big players (like the fast casual/QSR industry), how can restaurant brand set itself up to compete?

As you’ll quickly hear in this episode, Rich has been on the front lines of building a scalable infrastructure for Jersey Mike’s. You’ll get to hear how it’s given them a unique advantage, especially in regard to supporting franchisees.

What are the biggest underlying shifts in technology that are influencing the restaurant industry today?

As a CMO, Rich’s job changes alongside the industry. His advice around this topic will have you looking forward to the upcoming advances in technology, rather than fearing it.

How can restaurant marketers create an infrastructure for scale?

If you haven’t guessed it by now, the theme of this episode is based around how quickly food marketing and growing a national restaurant brand is changing. Jersey Mike’s has taken a unique approach to creating scalable infrastructure, including building proprietary platforms instead of leaning on outside vendors.

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For more information about Jersey Mike’s, or to find the nearest location to pick up one of their delicious sandwiches, visit JerseyMikes.com.


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