On the show today, we’ve got Jenny Burns, Marketing Director of Dang Foods.

market innovative food products

If you’re not already familiar with Dang Foods, I’m sure you’ve seen their packaging and would recognize their line of toasted
coconut chips on the end caps of most grocery stores around the country.

Dang Foods was the trailblazer in the coconut chip category and since their founding several years back, there have been plenty of similar products to hit the market.

They’ve recently launched a new line of onion chips to compliment what they’re already doing, and Jenny’s experience in branding and marketing has been a big contributor to their recent success.

Hear Jenny’s Take On How to Market Innovative Food Products

In this episode with Jenny, you’ll learn answers to the following questions:

How can you craft a merchandising strategy to set your CPG products up for success?

Jenny has been doing this for most of her career, even before working at Dang Foods. At Honest Tea, she was setting the standard of how to market innovative food products so you’ll hear plenty practical advice on merchandising.

What challenges come with inventing your own product category?

Before Dang, coconut chips were sold in see-through, unbranded packaging. Now it’s a category of its own. Jenny discusses the process around driving awareness around new food product that people have never tried before.

How can you scale the original vision for your brand across a growing team?

how to market innovative food productsStartups tend to reflect the brand vision of their founder. But as companies grow, that brand needs to be communicated by many more people. With Dang’s growth, Jenny is working on this at the moment and she speaks to how they’re successfully building the brand internally.

Jenny brings years of high level marketing experience to the table so you’ll have plenty of practical takeaways from this episode.

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