Thanksgiving is right around the corner, people are traveling, maybehow to market convenience store products stopping to get gas at one of the 150 thousand plus convenience stores. Yeah, that’s right 150 thousand plus convenience stores in just the US alone.

With that many store, that is a ton of opportunity for distribution in the c-store channel. But selling products into convenience stores presents a whole different set of challenges compared to grocery.

For example, recent research shows that consumers only take average of 2 minutes, to get in, find products, and get out when they’re hitting up their local 7-Eleven, as opposed to the 41 minutes spent on the average trip to the grocery store.

Today, we’re chatting with Sarah Batterson, Marketing Manager of Open Road Snacks, about her approach to increasing sell through rate in convenience stores for their line of better-for-you snacks.

increasing sell through rate

In this episode, you’ll hear answers to these questions and a whole lot more:

  • Can limited shelf space somehow be used as a benefit? (Spoiler alert: yes, it can. But Sarah’s answer as to why is extremely insightful)
  • What social media content is most effective in marketing convenience store products? (Straight from the practitioner herself, you’ll get insight into what Sarah has found to work best, and a few types of content that don’t work quite as well)
  • How are emerging consumer trends are reshaping convenience stores? (Let’s just say, certain types of products stand to benefit from a big change that’s under way in the c-store channel)

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