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Here’s a fun fact: the human brain processes visual information up to 60,000 times faster than plain text alone…pretty crazy. But it would explain why infographics, pictures and videos have exploded in popularity on the internet these past few years, and why mastering your visual marketing is essential in today’s world.

Today, we’re talking with Stephanie Hall who is the visual graphics coordinator of Enstrom Candies.

Stephanie spends a majority of her time translating written messages into visual form. Whether she’s focused on branding, creating ads or tradeshow graphics, she’s constantly setting Enstrom up for success.

Listen to why mastering your visual marketing is crucial in today’s world

It’s easy to get caught up in the wow factor behind the visuals of your brand. As you’ll learn on today’s episode, it doesn’t matter how your designs and graphics look, unless they’re actually getting you results.

On today’s episode, Stephanie answers questions around mastering your visual marketing like:

  • How do you strategically give your brand a look that appeals to the right demographic? (Stephanie speaks from recent experience with Enstrom’s shift to updated packaging)
  • What are the steps in making sure visual media is effective? (Stephanie and her creative team are constantly testing new methods and she goes over some tried and true ones in this episode)
  • Should you take a different approach to creating digital versus print graphics? (The answer is yes, but her reasoning as to why is something every food marketing nerd should know.

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