When it comes to the companies who win awards for product innovation, the first thought that comes to mind is probably some hot new startup on the bleeding edge of an emerging trend.

And while that might be true in some cases, B&G Foods is no start up by any stretch of the imagination, and they’ve been reinventing some of the most classic CPG brands in the industry lately, picking up awards along the way.

Today we’re talking with Juv Marchisio, Marketing Director of B&G Foods, about innovating both from a product development and marketing standpoint with recent examples from the brands in his portfolio, like Cream of Wheat and Ortega.

reinventing cpg brands food marketing podcast
img src: CreamOfWheat.com

On this episode, Juv answers questions around growing mature brands and new products, including:

  • How do you take an analytical look at growth opportunities for your brand? (Juv started out in a role where he analyzed sales data, and he’s leveraged that knowledge ever since)
  • Where and when is the best time to start in generating demand for a new product? (B&G Foods has been innovating and launching new products on a regular basis, so you get to hear it from one of the best in the industry)
  • What characteristics make food companies an attractive acquisition? (You may look at your brand a little differently after hearing Juv’s answers to this one)

Listen to the full interview with Juv on iTunes >>>


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