We’re already cruising into the double digits of episodes here, and today we’re going to be talking about Hummus. Hummus has been around for THOUSANDS of years, and yet, Hope Foods, makers of Hope Hummus, has been reinventing an entire food category as we know it.

reinventing an entire food category
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On the show today, we’ll be chatting with Will Burger, Director of Marketing for Hope Foods, about how a group of friends went from making hummus in their kitchen at home, to now, still a group of friends making hummus for stores all over the country, all on a shoestring budget. Hope Foods has been on a mission to transform the food industry by using top ingredients, and along the way, they’ve started by reinventing an entire food category since the day they started.

Listen how Hope Foods went from start-up to a leading player in their industry

On today’s episode, Will answers a few questions including:

  • How do you get buyers and customers talking to each other about your products? (Hint: this was a big catalyst to Hope Foods’ early growth)
  • What should you be doing on social media to build awareness when you’re entering a new market? (Will’s answer is thorough enough to kick start your own social campaigns).
  • What are the best places to find for inspiration when launching new flavors? (Hope Foods’ ability to tap into consumer preferences has been a big factor in why they’ve been so successful.)

Listen to the interview with Will Burger >>>


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