On the show today, we have Marie Miller, who handles social media and public relations for Four Peaks Brewing Co. out of Tempe, Arizona. Marie is going to be answering questions around social media marketing for CPG brands, which is a constantly evolving topic.

Marie brings a cool perspective to the table because she’s not only marketing for a brewery with multiple restaurant locations, but also a CPG brand with distribution all over the country.

Today, we’re talking about emerging social media platforms and how you can leverage things like Facebook Live to grow your business. If you haven’t dabbled in Snapchat or are hesitant to test out live streaming apps, Marie offers some practical advice as someone who has been implementing and strategizing ways to build a national brand.

social media marketing for cpg brands

Hear Marie’s Take on Why Brands Should Test Emerging Social Platforms

In this episode, you’ll learn:

How to take a targeted approach to boost brands awareness with Snapchat geo-filters

Snapchat advertising may be a foreign concept, but like Marie mentions in the interview, so was digital marketing at one point. Marie’s approach to building brand awareness takes advantage of white spaces where there’s little competition, and it’s worth listening to while the strategies still work.

What to look out for when getting started with Facebook Live

Marie has been in charge of planning and executing a weekly Facebook live series for Four Peaks. She shares her learnings, and even a couple hiccups, that you can avoid with her advice.

How to navigate the red tape that comes with marketing an age restrictive product

Marketing products that are 21-and-up bring unique challenges. Marie discusses how you can leverage free tools available to anyone managing social media marketing for CPG brands that are 18 or 21 and up.

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